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Welcome to the web site of the LOCAR Data Centre.

The LOCAR data Centre was set up to manage the scientific data produced by the NERC LOCAR Thematic Programme, which finished in March 2006. The aim of the Data Centre was to create an integrated, quality controlled, quality assured database readily accessible to LOCAR scientists, and to the wider scientific community.

To create the database the Data Centre was responsible for specifying procedures, formats and media in which data will be received from the field and disseminated to users, setting up a data management policy, and ensuring that data were held securely. The Data Centre actively sought out existing NERC and third party datasets, and were responsible for disseminating field data as it become available, and for storage and dissemination of the datasets created by LOCAR researchers.

On these pages you will find more information on the data centre, contact details and metadata about existing datasets.

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